SKETCH MAGAZINE #03 (Marc Silvestri)


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MARC SILVESTRI. Sketch Magazine is the leading publication is the industry of comic book creation thus providing all the information a would-be creator would need. From inking to digital coloring and design /composition to marketing/promotion. All in one magazine wanting to be discovered. Sketch is an Industrial Trade Magazine (ITM) in which the back issue?s material is not dated and still provides great information. Marc Silvestri takes some a lets us in on some of the magic behind his Top Cow Studio. His influence on projects like Witchblade and others has changed the comic world forever. Flint Henry comes aboard as the Senior Editor and provides as excellent illustration article that helps the creator ?See the Scene.? Dan Davis walks us though the inking of a pin up with his expertise as our guide. This issues also carries the debut of the hugely popular letters forum. The letters forum as become a place for fans a creators alike to honestly express their ideas and concerns about the industry. Those are just a few of the articles that can be found in Sketch #3.

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