SKETCH MAGAZINE #06 (Brian M.Bendis)


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BRIAN MICHAEL BENDIS. Sketch Magazine is the leading publication is the industry of comic book creation thus providing all the information a would-be creator would need. From inking to digital coloring and design /composition to marketing/promotion. All in one magazine wanting to be discovered. Sketch is an Industrial Trade Magazine (ITM) in which the back issue?s material is not dated and still provides great information. POWERS. A superhero police investigation story line with a unique twist. Where did this creative masterpiece originate? In the mind of Brian Michael Bendis. Brian Michael Bendis?s writing work in the industry has made him the hot new talent on the block. His work on titles like Sam & Twitch and Ultimate Spiderman made his work the stuff to watch. In the cover interview Sketch attempts to look in the mind of this spectacular writer and find out his motivations and the work ethic he uses when approaching his projects. Sketch continues rolling with Dan Davis?s Comics in Advertising. Dan guides us though a comic strip job for a utility company with the creation of Major Power. See the beginning of a three-part article concerning new territory of e-comic books. Just a small sample of what you can find in the expanded issue of Sketch #6.

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