SKETCH MAGAZINE #02 (Todd McFarlane)


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TODD McFARLANE. Sketch Magazine is the leading publication is the industry of comic book creation thus providing all the information a would-be creator would need. From inking to digital coloring and design /composition to marketing/promotion. All in one magazine wanting to be discovered. Sketch is an Industrial Trade Magazine (ITM) in which the back issue?s material is not dated and still provides great information. Sketch #2 continues where #1 left off and expands into new uncovered ground. The interview with the Spawn creator shows his motto for success and the way he went about to get in the position he is in today. The issue is backed up with superb articles by Chris Riley (Digital Coloring) Beau Smith (Scripts) and Joe Corroney (Elements of Storytelling) to name a few. Flint Henry makes his first appearance as a writer with a superbly illustrated article on designing a comic book cover. Tom Bierbaum continues his excellent series of writing articles that we have all grown to appreciate. If you haven?t seen it yet then your missing out.

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