SKETCH MAGAZINE #05 (Bill Tucci)


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BILL TUCCI. Sketch Magazine is the leading publication is the industry of comic book creation thus providing all the information a would-be creator would need. From inking to digital coloring and design /composition to marketing/promotion. All in one magazine wanting to be discovered. Sketch is an Industrial Trade Magazine (ITM) in which the back issue?s material is not dated and still provides great information. Bill Tucci?s creation Shi took the comic book industry by storm in its debut. What made it so successful? How does he plan to continue with its success? Where did he get his inspiration? These are just a few of the questions Sketch seeks to answer in this issue feature interview with Bill Tucci. Mitch Byrd does a superb illustration article with humorous original drawings on tips with perspective. Learn how to promote your comic web-site though today?s search engines with a complete walkthrough by Mike Maydak. Read an interview of Terry Beatty by Dan Davis about his work with the unique cold solid inks associated with Batman Gotham Adventures. That and more can be found in the great issue of Sketch #5. SRP $5.95 56 pg.

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