SKETCH MAGAZINE #09 (Ed McGuiness)


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KETCH MAGAZINE #9 It?s a bird! It?s a plane! No its Ed McGuiness! The artist behind the Man of Steel starts things off with bang in this power packed krypton-free issue of Sketch with a comprehensive interview on his contribution to the industry. From his extensive work on titles like Vampirella and Fighting American to his position as the top artist on Superman how has he done it? Ed discusses with Sketch his clean style of illustrating and how he landed the largest and most famous superhero of all times. In addition to the interview Sketch will supply all the ?How To?? and fill the niche of comic book creation with columns on the comic industry such as inking coloring writing pencilling promoting packaging etc. written by some of the most respectable professionals in the business. Sketch is the trade publication of the comic industry offering comic book creators a forum to swap tales and secrets. The material in Sketch is never dated thus each article offers fresh information that can be used over and over again. As always just a smidgen of what can be found in this edition of Sketch Magazine.

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