RULED PRO COMIC ART BOARDS (24 Sheets) 11 x 17



(24 Sheets) 11 x 17 Ruled art boards are designed with rulers along the edges of a traditional comic book border. Offering the artist a quick way to layout and start illustrating their page.

Lines are printed with Blue Line Art?s non-photo blue ink. Offering the artist a 10 x 15 traditional image area.

This allows the artist to draw comics the actual size that professionals do. Professionals draw their illustrations larger then they appear in the finished product. This helps minimize mistakes. The border allows the artwork to bleed across so that the final image can be cut down and look fuller.

The Pro series has offered thousands of artists the opportunity to begin their careers on pre-printed paper like professional publisher?s use. The Pro series is great for use with pencil and ink (brush recommended) as well as markers and acrylics.

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Weight 3 lbs

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