Permapaque opaque fine pt. Pen – WHITE


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Permapaque, opaque fine pt. Finally, there is a safe, no-mess, paint marker that offers maximum creative and utilitarian potential. Whether used by a professional crafter or a child, Permapaque? Fine Point Opaque Paint Markers require no shaking or pumping. The Permapaque marker has a fine bullet point for general drawing and detail coverage. Available in black, white. With quick-drying lines, these markers are odorless, non-toxic and are suitable for acid-free environments. They are ideal for woodcrafts, ceramics and pottery, plastic decoration, tool, toy and package personalization, flip charts and murals, and anywhere that paint or an opaque marker might be needed. Permapaque works well on scrapbooking and journaling projects including application on vellum and coated paper. Popular for coloring-in manga drawings. (Not recommended for fabric use) Meets ACMI non-toxicity standards.

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