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MOO Professional Artist Erasers

Moo Erasers are professional quality. They are soft and dense; do not damage paper, erases charcoal, “no little crumbles”, no smearing or streaks, and they leave behind less shadow of graphite pencils. Moo Professional erasers erase beautifully and are easy to hold thanks to their compact, rectangular shape. The best part about them is that they don?t leave eraser shavings all over your paper (and floor!). The shavings stick together and cling to the soft gray rubber of the eraser, much like dry rubber cement does when rubbed off a surface with a finger. these professional quality art erasers can be used to erase pastels, artist colors and vine charcoal without smears or streaks. They lift graphite with less shadow and will not stain or tear paper. Soft and dense, these erasers leave a long roll of used material rather than eraser dust.
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