Crystal Clear Plastic Bags 11 11/16in.x17 3/8in. (25)



Crystal Clear Art Bag with adhesive strip on the flap. ACID and LIGNIN FREE.

USPS approved. Contains 10% recycled polypropylene. Be Seen! Holds 11 x 17 Artwork, Photo, paper or prints.

Made from Biaxially Oriented Polypropylene (BOPP), a superior material that does not easily rip, tear, wrinkle, or fog like other plastics.

Bag sizes indicate the opening side as the first dimension. 1/16 size tolerance. 1.6 Mil wall thickness. Archive safe. Crystal Clear Bags traditionally come with top flaps and re-sealable adhesive strips on them allowing them to be folded and sealed over the bag’s opening. It is as easy as inserting an item, pealing the adhesive cover strip and then folding and pressing the flap to the bag to seal it. The flap seal allows for items to be smaller than the height of the bag as the flap seal can be folded past the opening of the bag if needed.

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Weight 1 lbs